Pals of Paws Society logo - a silhouette of a cat and a dog looking up.
Pals of Paws Society logo - a silhouette of a cat and a dog looking up.

Pals of Paws Society


We need volunteers to help us with many aspects of our operations, including:

  • Fundraising - We need focused and dedicated volunteers who are willing to help out with fundraising events. This could be anything from helping manage a booth at the farmer's market to helping bake cupcakes for a bake sale. If you think you might find this sort of activity interesting, please fill out the form below.
  • Transports - While we do have relationships with local rescues that will transport large amounts of animals over long distances, sometimes we need volunteers that are willing to make short trips with only one or two animals. If you are willing to drive short distances, we can provide pet carriers, food, and any necessary paperwork for the animal(s).
  • Fosters - We help a lot of local shelters and rescues by providing temporary homes for animals that are pending transport or awaiting new adopters. If you like having animals, but cannot commit to adopting one, then fostering may be right for you.
  • Veterinary Care - If you have experience working in any kind of veterinary capacity and want to help local shelters and rescues administer vaccines, insert microchips, or administer heartworm medication, please let us know. Performing these basic care tasks outside of a veterinary environment can save an organization a significant amount of money and time.
  • Other Volunteer Work - If you want to help us in other ways, such as helping trap cats as part of our TNR program, please fill out the contact form below. Let us know what kind of experience you have with animals and what types of activities you are comfortable with.

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