Pals of Paws Society logo - a silhouette of a cat and a dog looking up.
Pals of Paws Society logo - a silhouette of a cat and a dog looking up.

Pals of Paws Society

Adoption Management

Pals of Paws Society is not an animal shelter or rescue organization. However, we do assist other local shelters and organizations with adoptions. In some instances, this is a simple matter of moving the animal from a shelter to an appropriate rescue that can provide a more robust adoption network in which that animal can be advertised. In other cases, we can help market and manage adoptions of animals for which a shelter or rescue has been unsuccessful in finding a home. Helping other organizations accomplish these goals is in alignment with our mission of humanely reducing pet overpopulation in Northwest Mississippi.


Marketing an animal for adoption is an art - and our volunteers are expert artists. A well-marketed adoption can be as simple as taking better photographs of the animal (for example, pictures of a dog playing with a child is more attractive than pictures of a dog in a shelter kennel), or theming the animal with an interesting name and entertaining biography or description. Most of this marketing is done through our facebook page.


Many local shelters and rescues reach out to us for help in finding homes for animals for whom they have been unsuccessful in finding adopters. Not only can we help them market these animals, but we can ensure that the animal has received all necessary medical attention and vaccinations, we can collaborate with local animal trainers to determine whether the animal is a good fit for an adopter and whether that animal can live with other pets and children, and we can help arrange transportation for the animal to their new home.


Besides the adoptions that we directly manage, we also display adoptable animals from all local shelters on our adoption page by pulling in data from While we don't always collaborate directly with the shelters that list their pets on Petfinder, we can still provide additional visibility by displaying their animals to our website's visitors. Finding homes for all homeless pets in Northwest Mississippi is very important to us and to our mission, regardless of our affiliation with the associated organization.


If, despite our best efforts, we are unsuccessful in finding homes for the unadopted animals in Northwest Mississippi, we work hard to find animal rescues in other parts of the country where adoption demand is higher, and arrange transportation for that animal to give them their best chance. Read more about how we manage animal transports.

A flow chart describing the process Pals of Paws uses to find adopters or arrange transportation