Pals of Paws Society logo - a silhouette of a cat and a dog looking up.
Pals of Paws Society logo - a silhouette of a cat and a dog looking up.

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What are animal transports?

Animal transports are the act of moving one or several animals to different parts of the country. The animals are moved away from areas where the stray and unwanted pet population is high, and the number of potential adopters (adoption demand) is low. Transports are typically arranged in partnership with local shelters to animal rescue organizations located in other areas of the country where adoption demand is high.

Why are animal transports important in Northwest Mississippi?

Pet overpopulation is a serious concern in Northwest Mississippi. The stray/homeless animal population exceeds available adopters, and unfortunately this means that a lot of local animal shelter organizations must resort to euthanasia to avoid overcrowding. Pals of Paws Society is dedicated to diminishing this problem, by moving unwanted animals to other parts of the country.

Why can't the animals just be adopted locally?

Local adoptions are always the best possible outcome for any homeless pet in Northwest Mississippi. That's why Pals of Paws Society works hard in partnership with local shelters and rescues to find local adopters for homeless pets. However, when local shelters are full and there simply isn't enough interest in adoption for an animal, moving them to other parts of the United States and Canada is a more desirable outcome than being euthanized due to overcrowding or being left to roam as strays in our community.

Read more about how we manage adoptions.

Where do the animals go?

We typically network and coordinate with animal rescue organizations in other areas. Our member/volunteers have successfully arranged animal transports to rescues in many cities throughout the US and Canada, some of which include:

  • Denver, Colorado
  • Pasadena, California
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Elmira, New York
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Seattle, Washington

How are animal transports arranged?

In addition to networking and forming relationships with animal rescue organizations out of state, moving pets across state lines involves a lot of paperwork and logistics. Our members have plenty of experience ensuring that every pet that is transported has received all of the required vaccinations and veterinary care to meet regulatory requirements, such as the USDA and APHIS standards for animal transports. Additionally, the receiving rescue organizations may have additional requirements before they will accept any out-of-state animals. Pals of Paws Society manages all these requirements efficiently and professionally.

How can I help?

While we have partnered with a few local transportation services to occasionally provide mass-transport capabilities, we often still need help with short-range animal transports. If you are able and willing to use your own vehicle to help move animals for short haul transports, anywhere from one to three hour driving distances, we could use your help in accomplishing our mission. Additionally, if you have mass-transport capabilities and are willing to assist with long-haul transports, we can handle setting you up with any required certifications, equipment, and provide education on APHIS interstate animal transport compliance.

Please visit our volunteer page if you're interested in helping.