Pals of Paws Society logo - a silhouette of a cat and a dog looking up.
Pals of Paws Society logo - a silhouette of a cat and a dog looking up.

Pals of Paws Society

Spays and Neuters

Getting animals in Northwest Mississippi spayed and neutered is the core component in our battle against pet overpopulation. The other services we provide, such as adoption management or animal transports treat the symptoms of the problem, but our spay and neuter program attacks the problem at its source. The primary root cause of the pet overpopulation problem is that too many cats and dogs are allowed to remain unaltered and therefore breed uncontrollably. We hope to change this moving forward.

Why Spay or Neuter?

Unaltered cats and dogs are more likely to roam and run away from home, they're more likely to be aggressive, and their lives are shorter.
In line with our mission, we aim to provide our community with education surrounding spays and neuters. There are many myths and misconceptions about altering animals, and we hope to sway the public opinion in favor of getting every pet (that is not exclusively designated for breeding) spayed or neutered.

An infographic summarizing the importance of spays and neuters and expelling common myths.

Our Program

We aim to provide financial assistance, when funds are available, for spays and neuters in our community to help encourage everyone to get their animals altered. We also have a very successful TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) campaign to reduce the stray cat population. To apply for our low-cost cat spay/neuter program, please click this link:

To donate to our program and pay it forward:

Current Low-Cost Spay Neuter Programs Available in DeSoto County/North Mississippi:

Subject to change at any time by participating clinics*

Spay Memphis Cats: $55 Dogs: $100 May 2022 Spay Memphis Grants: FREE DAPP vaccine for dogs FREE FVRCP vaccine for cats via Petco Love Grant if selected while booking appointment. $40 (dogs) for all Pits/Pit Mixes$20 (cats) $40 (dogs) for anyone currently receiving government assistance.

Homeless Animal Relief Project: (cats only) Free/low cost cat spay/neuter for low income pet owners and feral/unsocialized homeless cats of N. MS. Call (662)292-0922 to see if you qualify.

Tubb Spay and Neuter Project:(Oxford) No residency requirements.Cat: $70/$50 Dog: $80/$100*written proof of current rabies vaccine required

Tupelo-Lee Humane Society: Cat: $60/$40 Dog: $125/$80


Open Arms Animal Hospital $95 (cat- spay) $70 (cat- neuter)$138 (dog- spay) $106 (dog- neuter)

Oak Tree Animal Clinic $65 (cats) $125 (dogs)

Southaven Animal Hospital $110 (cat- spay) $80 (cat- neuter)$180 (dog- spay) $160 (dog- neuter)(662) 393-2437

Berclair Animal Hospital $115 (cat- spay) $80 (cat- neuter)$140 (dog- spay) $90 (dog- neuter)

Snowden Grove Animal Hospital $110 (cat- spay) $85 (cat- neuter)$171 (dog- spay) $140 (dog- neuter)

Stateline Animal Clinic $165 (cat- spay) $135 (cat- neuter)$190 (dog- spay) $185 (dog- neuter)

Parkway Village Companion Animal Hospital $120 (cat- spay/neuter)$169.50 (dog- spay/neuter)

*Vet clinics and the majority of these options require pets be up to date on all vaccinations prior to surgery. Additional vaccination fees will be added if applicable. Call or visit the website for more information.*Most vet clinic pricing for dog spays/neuters vary by weight. These base estimates were given for an approx. 20-30 lbs. dog, but cost may incrementally increase with weight increase. *Medications, catheter fees, lab fees, etc. are additional fees that may not be included in all base pricing, so confirm total costs upon booking appointment for the most accurate pricing.